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We are pleased to share positive feedback from suppliers, distributors, and varied customers. We want to thank those who have extended their compliments regarding our service, performance, and quality. We are grateful for these endorsements, as each becomes a contribution that strengthens our credibility as an ongoing premier heat and sensor manufacturer.

Henny Penny Supplier Evaluation Program 3/2/2015:
“Excellent Overall Rating”
– Henny Penny Evaluator

Henny Penny Supplier Evaluation Program 1/6/14:
Quality – Excellent

Service – Excellent
Delivery – Excellent
Engineering – Excellent
Pricing – Excellent

“Excellent job in 2013!”
– Henny Penny Evaluator

“The staff at Heat & Sensor Technology is great. They are always very nice and answer any questions I have with no hesitation. They also did a really good job installing a heater in my basement. Great service.”
– Heather White

“I am very happy with the business that they provided me. They have top level quality products and they hold up very well. The staff here is great with installing the heaters as well.”
– Amy Campbell

“I have been using their heaters for years now and haven’t had any problems yet. They hold up really well and work great. I’m very satisfied with the quality of their work and I highly recommend using their heaters.”
– Rose Simmons

“Heat & Sensor Technology has great products, they really stand out from other products. The whole staff is very friendly and also knowledgeable about all of their products giving me great confidence in their services. I would recommend them to anyone to check.”
– Russell Mayes

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work they did for us! They worked very hard to provide us with the best possible product they could, and the installation process was perfect. Good job guys.”
– Larry Lopez

“I recently had installations done by Heat & Sensor Technology and I was very satisfied with the quality of service they provided. They were very kind and customer focused which goes a long way. I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Lisa Nelson

“Heat & Sensor Technology recently installed cartridge heaters for us and they were great. I believe they offer state of the art products along with exceptional service. No matter what the task is they go ahead and get it done no matter what kind of a task it would be. I will continue to do business with them and I recommend them to anyone in need of these products.”
– Ada Ingram

“The great thing about working with Heat and Sensor Technology is that the owner, Gary, is never satisfied. He’s always looking for ways to modernize and improve his product, which is great for us and keeps him at the top of his field.”
– Morgan Gunther

“They are great, I believe Heat & Sensor Technology are some of the best in the field.”
– Bret Stone

“We have tried it (the Cartridge Configurator) and wow it is slick!”
– Bonnie, Sure Controls Inc.

“The last element [Mica Strip] you sent me works great!  The little steam engine is chugging away.  Another antique toy preserved.”
– Robert, Star Electric, Inc.

“That [Stock Thinband Configurator] rocks! Very good tool for time and efficiency – for us both.”
– Kevin, Proheat, Inc.

“We are glad we found [Heat and Sensor Technologies]… we’ve needed Thinbands, and saw you have them! So you’ve been a real godsend. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”
– Bob, Garcor

“…You guys rock!  Really, with the volume of orders we give you, I think you guys do a great job at getting priority orders out on time….”
– Patricia, Proheat, Inc.

“Our customer … asked me to relay his THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! He said ‘you guys don’t know how you just save his you know what!!’
– Christen, Proheat Inc.

“I would like to thank everyone at Heat and Sensor for the warm welcome and tour of the facility. I am looking forward to doing business with your company. Please let me know if you need any more information from me.”
– Bill, Northwest Electric

“You got the order lunchtime Monday and shipped it Wednesday afternoon. Awesome. The customer got it a day before it was promised. Thanks to you and the whole team for your help with this one, from me and from a customer you got out of a jam. Have a blessed day.” 
– Jeff, Mitchell-Industrial

“… We got some strip heaters in the other day about 24” long by about 4” wide. They looked fantastic!” 
– Michael, Safe Harbor Industrial

“I really like the drawings. Nice software.”
– George, Southeast Thermal

“We received the heaters today, they look great, they fit into the housing perfectly, I liked your design modifications and how they are constructed….” “…[and] we ran trials yesterday with the heater you all built for us, we had great results it was a key factor in us getting quality hose on this new product.”
– Brandon, Veyance Technologies

“[The Thinband Configurator I used]… was very easy to navigate!!! Very user friendly!!!”
– Annick, Electro Supply

“I love your website, very helpful.”

– Rachel, Southwest Heater and Controls