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Cartridge Standard Tolerance

Standard Tolerance for Cartridge Heaters

The Table below serves as an aid to select the correct cartridge heater for most applications, while considering the available voltage, amperage and wattage.

NOTE: Some combinations of minimum and maximum wattages aren’t available on the same heater diameter. Therefore, if you need to exceed limitations shown in the table, consult the manufacturer, or authorized distributor.

Diameters available:

1/4 in.

6.5mm (0.255 in.)

3/8 in.

10mm (0.393 in.)

12mm (0.472 in.)

12.5mm (0.492 in.)

1/2 in.

5/8 in.

16mm (0.630 in.)

3/4 in.

20mm (0.787 in.)


① Determined by the current carrying capacity of the internal parts and the standard lead wire.

② Determined by the limitation of the space for resistance winding. For a minimum wattage of 240V~(ac) – multiply value by four.

③ Higher wattages are available using multiple sets of power leads. Multiply the wattage from above table by the applicable factor.

④ Consult the Manufacturer for this data.

⑥ For 6.35 mm (0.35 mm (0.25) in. units with thermocouple maximum amperage is 3.1.

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