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Our Frequently asked questions

If you don’t see a question that you may have answered below –  please contact us:

Heat and Sensor Technology
627 Norgal Drive
Lebanon, OH 45036
HOURS: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
Phone: 513-228-0481

How long has Heat and Sensor Technologies been in business?

The business begin in 2002. Our current manufacturing facility (Lebanon, Ohio) allows us the optimum space to house advanced equipment additions, and implement and improve the standards and specifications our customers desire.

What types of products do you make?

We design, develop, and manufacture custom electric heating elements and temperature sensors including: Thinbands, Mica Bands, Mica Strips, Thermocouples, Ceramic Bands, Cartridge Heaters. Channel Heaters and Tubular Heaters.

Where are you located?

We are located at:
627 Norgal Drive Lebanon, OH 45036
Please click here for map/directions from our Contact page.

Do you take orders over the phone?

We are glad to answer any questions you may have regarding meeting all your heater needs. Call us to discuss meeting your heater needs: (513) 228-0481 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

NOTE: In order to fulfill orders to your exact specifications, we require ALL orders must be in writing.
Send your order to us via the following:

Fax: (513) 228-0481

Why must all order related communication be in writing?

In order to maintain accuracy and avoid translation errors required in your order, we require written documentation until your order is final, and approved for manufacturing. We require orders be sent via email or fax – as the best means to review and confirm all of your requested criteria. Communication is therefore required when: you are placing an order; you want to change any content within your order (including shipping method; technical changes, etc.); or you want to cancel your order. Once ANY item is changed, we will adhere exactly to the final approved order specifications (including adherence in each manufacturing area that will be contributing to the completion of your order).

Do you have UL approval on your products?

We have U.S. and Canadian UL approval for all our Mica, and Cartridge heater products.

Why does it take 24 – 48 hours to receive a status report?

Our production line does not follow typical bar-code, or computer tracking systems. Our production processes are staged on designated shelving within each department that will contribute manufacturing applications to your order. Be aware, to pull a particular order, each department manager must physically retrieve the shelved order, and any corresponding parts, including items from additional department shelving. This complete retrieving process (collecting all line item parts) can be time consuming. Therefore, we designate a 24-48 hour time length as adequate time to retrieve a complete order.

Why can’t any changes be made on an order in the manufacturing line?

We cannot revise your order once the manufacturing processes have begun on your order. This is because changes made in the manufacturing line, including adding a line item, or increasing quantity, would result in your order needing to recirculate through the entire manufacturing line. This would not only slow our entire manufacturing line, but could add other unnecessary manufacturing and operational delays and expenses to accommodate order modifications. Therefore, we can only “expedite” orders that have moved into our manufacturing line.
Note: To avoid a new payment towards a new revised order, you must do so BEFORE your order has begun processing in our manufacturing line.

What’s the difference between reorders and new numbers on a discount schedule?

When the discount schedule states “reorders” it indicates the heater style you are wanting has been previously ordered from us. If we have that heater design in stock, as an existing design in our system, we then classify your order as a “reorder”. While a “new number” assignment results when you request an original heater from us, then your order becomes a custom design order. Be aware that new designs may be subject to QC (Quality Control) failure.

Why do you apply a Cancellation Fee?

A cancellation fee is applied if you cancel your order when the manufacturing work for your heater has been initiated. Conditions that result in a cancellation fee are: 1.) Application(s) have begun for your heater order, including: winding, assembly, cut metal, and other pertinent processes. And 2.) Material(s) used in your order are determined unsalvageable (for use in other orders) and therefore, material cost for your order must be recouped in a cancellation fee.

Why do the manufacturing dates change?

When manufacturing dates change due to a barrage of floor orders, departments can become behind in meeting initial deadlines. The typical contributing causes for date changes are: the demand for popular heater styles, and or components exceeds our inventory supply; already overwhelmed departments may face an understaffing – typically due to illness; and department machinery requires unforeseen critical maintenance. And as with all our customers, be rest assured, despite manufacturing delays that may occur, you will still receive the same measure of quality throughout all manufacturing processes in your order.
Note: Our Standard Delivery is typically 14 days in length, this length may increase depending upon the amount of orders in the current production line. In short, when you make revisions to your order, you can assume your order will require at least an additional 2 weeks to ship.

Are your approximate ship dates guaranteed?

Our “approximate ship dates” are not guaranteed because they are a rough estimate for when you can expect your order to ship. Approximate ship dates allow us to withstand the challenges of unforeseen delays – outside the scope of everything “typical” in all stages of fulfilling an order. Therefore, the actual ship date could result in your order shipping 1-2 weeks beyond your initial “approximated” ship dates.

Are there guaranteed dates?

A guaranteed ship date applies to orders placed “Expedited”. All expedited orders require a higher price point. Therefore, when paying for an expedited order, your order will be guaranteed to ship faster than “Standard” – yet within your purchased expedited option – as provided by our couriers. Because these options are subject to change, please call: 513-228-0481, Ext. 203, for current listings.

What happens to my orders if I’m on a Credit Hold?

If your order is placed on “credit hold” – that means your order is set aside, and all manufacturing for that order comes to a stop – until we receive payment in full. A credit hold can also apply to completed orders within our shipping department (they are placed on a “hold shelf” until your full payment is received.) If your full payment is received on a week day before 4:30 p.m., and is on hold in our shipping department, it will be scheduled to ship that same day. And those orders on hold in our manufacturing line (will also resume required manufacturing once full payment’s received) will have added to the initial ship date, the total number of days the customer was placed on “credit hold.”

Will I be removed from from Credit Hold status if I prove I have paid my invoice?

Unfortunately we cannot remove those placed on “credit hold” until their check or credit card payment is received. Additionally, we must also confirm receipt of payment to close the open invoice(s) that corresponds with the date, and or number listed on the method of payment.

Do you stock heaters?

We stock Thinband heaters. We offer over 150 stock parts – to configure over 5,500 heater combinations! View our 3-D Thinband Configurator from our website homepage, and contact us for your personal access codes. You can input your heater components, and manipulate your design before you click the quote button. Stock Thinband orders can ship the day after an order’s placed.

Are Thinbands better than Mica bands?

Thinbands are designed with more flexibility than Mica Bands. They are sealed to prevent contamination, and they include attached clamps to eliminate the need for straps. Our exclusive patented Quick Clamp is only available with Thinbands – it requires no tools for barrel applications!


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