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Product Line Sale FAQ’s for RAYMAX 1010, 1120, 1330 Style Heaters

-Specifically which heaters are affected by the sale?

All RAYMAX 1010, 1120, and 1330 style heaters

-What heaters are not affected by the sale?

 RAYMAX 1220, 2030, Mineral Insulated band, strip, and curved emitters will still be offered for sale by Watlow.

 –What is the latest date that Watlow will be accepting orders?

Watlow will continue to take orders through June 3, 2016.

-Will Watlow quote new designs during this period?

 Watlow will not be quoting new designs as of May 3, 2016.

-When will Heat & Sensor begin quoting product?

 Heat & Sensor will begin quoting existing heater designs on June 13th, with new heater design quoting to be determined at a future date.

-When will Watlow ship the last of these heaters?

 Watlow will cease manufacturing of these heaters on July 29, 2016.

-When will Heat & Sensor begin manufacturing and delivering heaters?

 Heat & Sensor will begin manufacturing operations on August 22, 2016, with deliveries commencing soon after.

-Will Watlow train Heat & Sensor on the product line?

 Yes, Watlow will be training Heat & Sensor how to quote, design, manufacture, and sustain the product line. They will be able to provide the same level of service for the 1010, 1120, and 1330 styles that Watlow has been providing.

-Will the price that Heat & Sensor charges for a radiant heater be the same as my Watlow price?

 Heat & Sensor will price heaters according to their pricing guidelines. In order for a customer to understand their price, they need to contact Heat & Sensor directly; the person to contact is Gary Shackelford – phone number 513-228-0481 and email

-Will Heat & Sensor maintain the same credit terms that I am used to with Watlow?

 All questions on credit terms questions should be directed to Gary Shackelford at Heat & Sensor.

-What do I do if I get a call from a customer requesting a quote on a Radiant heater product that has been sold to Heat & Sensor?

Listen and respond with empathy, then explain that Watlow has decided not to manufacture these heaters any longer and direct them to Heat & Sensor’s Gary Shackelford – phone number 513-228-0481 and email

-What if they want to escalate this and are not satisfied with my explanation?

First path of escalation would be to the salesman or channel, second would be to a product specialist, third – to an account manager. If this does not solve their issue, please direct them to Brian Bakala at 314-628-4809.

-Will a customer or channel person be able to access the product on e-Solutions to be able to quote and order these heaters?

No, it is Watlow’s intent to obsolete or inactivate all price lists, parts masters and associated files to prevent anyone from ordering or obtaining a quote for these heaters after June 3, 2016.  All tools such as Wattage Calculators and the Configurator will have this information purged from their files to prevent quoting and other types of sales support.

-Who will handle the individual customer questions?

Watlow should consider segmentation with respect to all customer concerns.  For instance:

  1. General and Core customers would typically be handled by Customer Service or should be referred to a Watlow Salesman or Channel or Catalog to find other alternatives to these products.
  2. Advocate customers should be referred to the Account Manager or Product Specialist.
  3. Key customers should be referred to the Account Manager or Key Account Manager.

 –What will prevent future designs from being completed?

There will be a stop on all new designs as of May 3, 2016.

-What happens if an order slips through and gets to Design?

Stop! Do not design! Contact the Product Specialist or Account Manager to cancel the order or get permission from Product Management and VSL to proceed.

-Will Heat & Sensor have customer drawings and part number?

 Yes, Heat & Sensor will receive all Watlow part drawings and part number information related to the affected Watlow part numbers. When asking for a quote from Heat & Sensor – customers can reference their Watlow part number when asking for a quote.

-What will be the warranty considerations for these radiant heaters be?

Watlow will continue to honor our Standard Terms & Conditions (T’s & C’s) for one full year after the sale date (July 29, 2017).  The disposition options offered in our T’s & C’s include; Credit, Repair or Replace. Any customers needing a replacement Radiant Heater within the warranty period can work through Watlow to obtain the replacement from Heat & Sensor.

-Will all tooling and materials transferred to Heat & Sensor?

Yes, all equipment, tools, and know-how will be transferred to Heat & Sensor during the coming months. They will be trained by Watlow personnel on how to produce the product and maintain the product line.

-How will we handle RMAs?

Watlow will accept an RMA for products within the warranty period based on our current RMA Standard Work.