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Signed Installation Instructions

Printable document: Signed Installation Instructions

High Voltage As with any installation utilizing electrical connectivity – use utmost precaution when handling product components to prevent electric shock and subsequent injuries.

Read complete instructions before beginning installation:

  • Only qualified technicians should install all heaters.
  • All applicable, codes and standards must be observed. Failure to do so can cause electrical shock and personal injury.
  • The surface where the heaters are installed must be clean, and free of contaminants that could melt and get inside the heaters, causing them to fail.
  • Do not use any heat transfer compounds when installing mica or ceramic heaters.
  • All electrical terminations must be well insulated to prevent electrical hazards.
  • One-piece mica band heaters must not be opened – to go around the barrel. This can cause distortion and improper contact, causing the heaters to fail. Either two-piece or expandable types should be considered, where it is not possible to slide heaters from one end.
  • After the initial heat-up, check the lockup screws to see if they need to be retightened. Do not over torque the screws. If necessary, tap the heaters with a mallet to make sure that they are in firm contact with the surface for full heat transfer.
  • Do not over tighten lockup screws on ceramic bands. This will compress the insulation, thus reducing their R-value. Further, note that excessive pressure can cause the ceramic pieces to crack.
  • All heaters must be properly grounded.
  • As a safety measure to prevent overheating and or thermal runaway, a temperature sensor, such as thermocouple, or RTD connected to a temperature controller must be installed. Guidelines for safety circuitry must be followed.
  • After installation, safety covers must be applied.


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