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Style T – Post Terminals

This Thinband Style T deign includes post terminals that provide a quick connection with ring or fork connectors, or buss bars (for duel circuits). It is threaded with 6 mm x 1 mm studs or optional metric (M5X.8) including provided double nuts and washers. Post terminals have a threaded length of 14 mm (0.5625 in.) and require 32 mm (1.25 in.) clearance from the cylinder. Maximum amperage for post terminals is 15 amps (they can withstand up to (61.0 Newton- Meter) 45 in-lbs of torque.)

This style band makes increased torque possible – due to the unique add-on lead cap design that houses the cap a separately from the heater. This separation means the torque carrying capability is maintained within the cap design, allowing the terminal hardware to be torqued to a specific setting and allow for testing prior to heater connection. This style’s welded electrical connection to the heater is superior to crimped or staked connections, which can loosen and oxidize over time.

Note: When placing an order for this style, specify Type T band heater.