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Two-Piece Construction

This Two piece barrel heater can be modified as a Non-Stock Option when required features need to be positioned differently from Stock specifications.

Two-Piece Barrel Heaters are available on heaters 127 mm (5 in.) or greater in diameter. Heaters 38 mm (1.5 in.) wide and greater with post terminals, have the two terminals side-by-side. Two-Piece Barrel Heaters are available from stock by combining two one-piece heaters to create a larger diameter. Terminations will be 90 degrees from each gap. Our Quick Clamp closure method must be supplied at one gap when ordering. Click to read more about the: Quick Clamp design.

Note:When ordering two-piece barrel heaters, specify the volts and watts per half. On two-piece units with leads, you must also specify the power supply voltage. Example: a two-piece barrel that is 240V~(ac) per half may be wired in series to a 480V~(ac) power supply. In this case, the barrel heater lead wire insulation must be rated for 480V~(ac).