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Our Thinband Configurator is uniquely available to Distributors and OEM Businessess.

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What does the Full Thinband Configurator version offer?
A quick way to review your order...

  • You'll see the 3-D viewing of your heater with the specifications you've selected
  • Your complete heater specifications are detailed for you to revise
  • An email with your drawing specifications AND your quote  - all within minutes of submitting your heater qoute request! 
  • Once you place your order - your order will ship on the following business day.

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See also our Heat and Sensor Laser Coherent Cutting Machine:

Watch for our additional design technology coming later in 2014....
You'll get the ability to design and order ANY style heater: Thinband, Cartridge, Strip, and Ceramic bands!
How We Became the Premium Heater Supply Company....

After more than 20 years of experience with the design and manufacturing of heaters for large corporations, we decided to take our heater skills and experience to the general public. Now ANY interested customer can purchase our Premium Heaters at affordable prices.

Our Thinband Configuator is available to new and our returning OEM and Distributor Clients
Heat and Sensor Technology welcomes all OEM and Distributor Inquiries.  

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