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Thermocouple Spade Shim

Spade Thermocouples measure a surface’s temperature. The Tube and Wire construction is stainless steel over braid, with high temperature spade lugs that are located on the slit leads. The thin end piece allows this thermocouple to be positioned for sensor reading, between two thin shims (stainless steel or fiberglass tape); slid underneath heater bands; held in place with a strap; or in a gap where two halves of a heater band come together. The heater’s locking mechanism secures it in place.

When placed under heater bands in the nozzle area, this variation is relatively safe from damage by plastic back-up. Spade Thermocouples can be formed and secured to the outside of various size tubes, pipes, and nozzles. Some Spade styles are sealed in epoxy between two layers of polyimide tape and an adhesive backing can be affixed for ease of attachment to most surfaces.

Click on Spade/Shim Thermocouples Sheet – for a larger view of available options:

Spade Shim TC Sheet 12.15

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