Thinband Installation Procedures

High Voltage

As with any installation utilizing electrical connectivity – use utmost precaution when handling product components to prevent electric shock and subsequent injuries.


Read complete instructions before beginning installation:

Thinband Installation Proceedures:
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1. Install heaters over a clean surface.

After installing the band heater unit, begin to tighten the clamp screw. The clamping screw is a 5 mm x 1.25 inch, allen head cap screw. Begin tightening the clamp bars. If the clamp bars appear not to have seated, tap the clamp bars with a small hammer to insure the bars are well seated in the angle formed by the 60 degree bent tab and the heater.

If the bar has multiple screws, alternately tighten the screws to insure even loading – as you should tighten lug nuts in a star shaped pattern to secure a wheel on a car.

4. Torque all screws to approximately (9 N-M) 8 Ib-in.

5. Take a soft rubber mallet and tap gently around the circumference of the heater while tightening the screws. This will ensure the heater’s fit to the barrel is maximized without any air gaps.

6. When installing terminal lugs, torque the top nuts to 30 in-lbs. The bottom nut should not be touched as it is factory torqued to 45 in-lbs. at assembly.

7. Re-tighten the heater after the heater has operated for a short time. Always make adjustments when the heater and cylinder are cold. Heat and Sensor Technology

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