Mass Customization

Mass customization is a strategic business offering that’s been gaining increasing presence throughout the manufacturing industry. Mass customization can be defined by the following elements:

  1. Providing flexibility and personalization to customers with reasonable unit pricing – that is a typical benefit of mass production and manufacturing..
  2. Equipping the customer with tools that enable designing – for the customer to create unique built to order products.
  3. Delivering global goods and services that can be modified to meet specific customer requirements.
    Thinband T-Box & Handles

At Heat and Sensor Technology, our Mass customization potential is broadened by our 3-D Configurator programs. Our online Configurator programs enable customers to design their custom products in single or multiple quantities.

A main objective behind offering our Configurators, was to equip our customers with design possibilities – resulting in virtually limitless custom products – when using our Configurator programs.

Our Configurators serve us by interpreting the exact User needs we can confirm with our customers. With clarity in requests, we partner better with our customers – to jointly find solutions to match their specific requirements.

At Heat and Sensor Technology, we embrace technology. And our efforts are to continue as a premier business example in our industry – with how we model Mass Customization for our customers.

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