New Technology for Custom Heater

Heat and Sensor Technology Offers Stock and Custom
3-D Configurators


Heat and Sensor Technology is the first in their industry to offer customers heater designing via their 3-D Configurator Programs. The business has just launched their second Configurator Program which offers customized design capabilities, also with 24-hour customer accessibility. OEM and Distributor entities can utilize both Configurator programs directly from the company’s website home page, to more concisely recommend optimum heater solutions for their clientele.

Lebanon, Ohio, May 2014 (American Media Distribution) – Heat and Sensor Technology developed their Configurator programs using state of the art C.A.D. DriveWorks LTD© software to significantly assist current and future customers with their heater design needs. The Configurator programs function as tools providing Users convenient at-will access, and ease of use, when selecting components to meet heater design requirements. The Stock Thinband Configurator (the first developed) contains solely stock inventory options for building Thinband heaters. And the Custom Thinband Configurator contains inventory for customized component design, including for example, additional sizes, wattage, and voltage options.

Visitors utilizing the configurators will find the functionality of the programs to be straightforward. In the initial visit only, pop up screens direct Users throughout the selection process, and to where their information can be saved for future visits. In the last screen of the program, a preview box, with a link of the same name, allows Users to view and manipulate their 3-D design. After their rendering materializes, Users can immediately use their mouse tool to move, rotate, and view all angles of their heater design. At this portion of the program, Users can visually inspect and confirm their heater is correctly assembled. If revisions need to be made, Users can simply click a back arrow to revise their heater. Once a rendering is correct, a click of the quote button generates an immediate email (to the User) containing their quote and heater drawing.

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Program Home: This page is where Users can choose from either the Stock or Custom Configurator to begin the selection process for building their heater.

Heat and Sensor Technology is a company built upon more than 20 years of knowledge from large corporation experience in the designing and manufacturing of heaters.  Heat and Sensor Technology’s foundational intent (since their 2002 beginning) was to draw upon their heater manufacturing experience, and make mass customization of premier heaters available to audiences around the globe. This mindset continues from initial request, through the delivery of each of the company’s heater styles: Thin Bands, Mica Bands and Mica Strips, Ceramic Bands, Cartridges, Thermocouples, Channels and Tubulars. Heat and Sensor Technology continues to model their intentions with a premier presence. The company continues to utilize and offer state of the art technology applications, including their 3-D Configurator Programs, to better partner and serve their customers around the globe.

Interested OEMs and Distributors can contact Heat and Sensor Technology by Phone: 513-228-0481, or Email:, to receive User and Pass codes to test both 3-D Thinband Configurators. The Stock Thinband Configurator can be examined when visitors enter the word: GUEST in the User field (no Password is needed). Both Configurators are accessible directly from the website home page:

Heat and Sensor Technology
627 Norgal Drive Lebanon, OH 45036
Phone: 513228-0481